Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stir Crazy Update

It's Winter.

There is snow on the ground.

I'm cold.

I just had a baby 5 weeks ago.

I don't go anywhere as of late...

Because I just had a baby AND I now have 4 kids.

All decisions are now made on a "Is it worth it?" analysis.

Is it worth making sure 4 kids are properly clothed, and ready to get out and about?
Is it worth keeping up with 4 kids and returning home with the same 4 kids?
Is it worth...... {this is an endless list of questions}

And the answers are usually a resounding NO.

So, yes, I am a little stir crazy. {by a little, you should read A LOT}

We did get out and visit my dear friend last week--just for my mental health. I was a little too talkative, but this friend is so forgiving and a willing victim of my banter. Love her.

Then we went to my friend's birthday party at the end of the weekend. I could hardly stand myself as I watched the hours tick away on Sunday. I was leaving Small Town, Baby!!

While I was uber excited, I was also slightly concerned that we would be completely and totally and obviously and horribly socially awkward. {speaking of awkward, as I've stated before, awkward always looks awkward to me when I spell it out}

Back to my family's social awkwardness: You see, we had shut down shop weeks before Ladybug's arrival. True, I did make a Hobby Lobby run the day before we had her, but that was cut short by the pressure and pre-labor contractions I was having. Sooooo, the boys have not been out and about in some time. And the little ragamuffins were to accompany us to this birthday dinner. Hmmmm....

How was this going to go down??

Wonderfully! The boys were soooooooooo great! I was blessed and pleased . I even had comments said to me about their behavior! You know your kids are good when you get those!

We were at the restaurant for a few hours and the only bit on non-sense we encountered was a bit of Hoot and his kissy-ness.

Which turned into goofiness.

Hoot enjoys trying to gross everyone out. Which is where kisses come in.

As seen here, Hoot is trying to force his kiss while the Professor holds his face back. T jumps in the mix with a pretend kiss. Because T-Bird DOES NOT KISS! Never has, even as a baby. He doesn't roll like that.


And here are my hot dates. Okay, ya, this is a typical family picture...

Ladybug enjoyed being in Nane's arms for most of the evening. She behaved like a little lady, as expected.

I truly enjoyed getting out of my house and Small Town. I hope to do it a little more often...We shall see.

For now, that is the stir crazy update.

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