Monday, February 14, 2011

Seen and Heard: Cabin Fever Edition

We got that fever...That cabin fever...

Woo-wee! We had been cooped up in our house for over two months! Ladybug's birth came before the holidays, so we hunkered down for those first few weeks. Then came cold weather.

Cold weather brought a snow storm.

That snow storm brought a blizzard.

Record lows and record snowfall in a single day for our area.

It was cold.

It was fun.

It also nearly made me nuttier than I already am.

But we survived. Here are some images and random comments we enjoyed during our snow time.

Oh, my heart just flip flops when I look at this picture.

I caught these two trying to take an icesperf inside our house.
What's an icesperf you ask??
I dunno, it's the Professor's word.
After some investigation, I learned it's something between an iceberg and an icicle. { kids...}
Brett went to shovel off our covered carport out of concern that it may collapse from the weight of the snow.
Brett came into the house after he finished shoveling to ask T-Bird to come out to see something funny. I didn't go out thinking that it wasn't something I'd be interested in since he didn't ask me to come as well. Wouldn't you know that stinker probably didn't invite me because I'd take pictures or video. Brett climbed back up the ladder, pulled back on it and fell into the snow while holding onto the ladder!!! Anything to impress his boy. Yes, I'm jealous that I didn't get to see him perform his stunt. Bummer. But I still think he's awesome.

Swinging in the snow.

Falling a bazillion times because the snow was nearly as tall as him.
Brothers trying to rescue the little mite.
Another icesperf.

Neighbors car the following day.

Admiring an icesperf.

It finally warmed up enough to take Ladybug out.
Pay no attention to my hair. I was on my way to a hair appointment, so my hair is pulled back and has not personality at all.

Typical family picture. Good to know Ladybug falls right into the 'everyone looking different ways making different faces' groove.

Snow baby getting ready to go out.

Oh, she's so cute in her little bunting and car seat. Yes, I did pull up the harnass portion of her seatbelt. It was down for picture taking purposes.

Big Yawn.

Okay now for some quips.
Hoot did you hit Professor X?

Hoot, with a bit of indignation: I didn't hit him! I bonked him.
{yes, hitting and bonking are so very different}

Hoot was whispering at dinner about a spider at his father's house.
Me, recognizing an opportunity for hilarity: At your father's house you say??
Hoot: Ya, at my father's house, but he's gone now.
Me: Who is your father?
Hoot: No one.
Me: That's your father. {motioning toward Brett who is sitting beside him}
Hoot: No he isn't. He's my daddy.
Me: Yes, but he is also your father.
Hoot: No, he's dad.
Me: Who's your mother?
Hoot: You.
Me: Yes, and Dad is your father.
{this seemed to be an endless debate, but he finally accepted Brett as his father}

Brett: Ladybug, to you want a snack first or bedtime first.
T-Bird: Snack because it's one syllable.
{I know that's how I make my decisions, on a syllable basis that is}

Okay, I had one more good one but I have forgotten it. I'll blame it on my dog this time.

We enjoyed our snow days, but we are also enjoying the 50+ degree weather of this week. Arkansas weather...It's loopy.

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