Thursday, March 10, 2011

12 Weeks

I call her my little Rainbow Brite when she wears theses. Throwback to my childhood.

I woke up today and went about my business. Just an ordinary day.

A friend stopped by with her kiddos.

Still an ordinary day.

Then I mentioned to my friend, Dana, that Ladybug is 12 weeks today.

Then it happened.

12 weeks?????

12 weeks!!!!!



Yep, 12 weeks as of 5:23 this afternoon.

{And it's appropriate that Dana be here on this day. She was here when Ladybug arrived as well.}

12 weeks ago I experienced one of the most amazing, sacred events of my life.

12 weeks.

Today I celebrated her twelfth week of life by taking my tenth nap since her arrival. That's right my tenth nap. They are so few and far between that I actually have fun keeping up with how many I've had.

I don't know how I'm functioning with 3 kiddos, a newborn, and ten naps, but I am. I'm certain that it is the Lord giving me strength. He's good at that. Along with a good dose of His mercy and grace.

When I was pregnant with Ladybug, I had written on a note card Be thankful for every little mercy. I had written that specifically for my pregnancy and labor. Now I realize I'll need that thoughtful reminder for the rest of my life.

Ladybug enjoyed her favorite meal for her birthday...Momma's milk. And wore such a cute outfit...A onesie and leg warmers. Too cute.

My heart aches because these 12 weeks are something of a blur. Postpartum weeks always are.

But they are a beautiful blur.

Let's see. What does Ladybug enjoy?

Okay, got it.

Ladybug likes:
-Daddy's mad swaddling skills.
-T-Bird's voice.
-Professor X's slightly frantic soothing methods.
-Hoot's patience and calm when she is frazzled.
-Momma's soft curves that she snuggles into.
-The bumble bee on her swing that is always there telling her funny stories which excite her and bring out bursts of cheer.
-Jack Johnson's music. {she fits so well with the rest of the family}
-Her bath time. {okay, she loves her bath time}

And here's my Birthday Girl.

That dimple!!!

Her little onesie says, the best thing since sliced bread. So cute. So true.

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