Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh No He Di'nt!

Oh yes. He did.

My kids surprise me often, yet in my surprise I can also say that the "surprise" isn't that surprising because it fits in with my kids personalities. Did that even make sense? Hopefully, you get my meaning.

For instance, while making up our task board, Hoot began writing his name. Then he compiled a series of letters, some discernible and some not so much, and said, "Look, Momma, it spells my name. See it says Da-Vy-Cro-Cket. That's my name!" That little act was cute and surprising, and it fit the little person that Hoot is.

My dear Professor gave me a big surprise this past weekend. And yes, it too fit the little person he is.

Last week Hoot had asked to go to the bookstore. Baaaaaaaaah...{that's the sound of angels singing} This kid is after my heart. I love the bookstore. Oh to be surrounded by far off places, thrills, love, new insight...The smell alone of a book nearly makes me swoon.

So, considering that our Ladybug is 10 weeks, I thought we'd give it a go. We're very choosy with our outings but the bookstore won this one.

We went to Hobby Lobby first to look at decorations for a baby shower we are helping with.

Boys' Behavior Assessment at Hobby Lobby: Not good. But not terrible. Eeking by.

I HAD to go to Target to acquire something super duper cute for Ladybug. {They deserve their own post, so I'll not go into the details of these}

Boys' Behavior Assessment at Target: Dastardly.

Henceforth, when I refer to "boys" I'm referring to Hoot and the Professor. T-Bird is my sweet kiddo in this story.

I found myself at a loss. Their behavior went from okay to "oh my goodness...are these my kids" rather quickly. I had given the boys the talk about behavior and what we would be doing as we were out. They had a set of expectations. I wasn't throwing in any surprises. Part of the talk consisted of "we will not go to the bookstore if you act up, runaway, do not listen...." in the store. Then I even reworded the talk by saying, "you are such great little boys, you will listen and stay with Momma..."

I picked up Ladybug's cute little items, turned my back for 3 and a half seconds and that's when the two little boys disappeared. I found them climbing behind the stroller boxes!!!!! And oh how they giggled! What fun they were having! I then gave a hearty, "Argh." I got the boys out of their cave of stroller wonders and started heading toward the check out. T was pushing Ladybug in her stroller and I had a boy's hand in each of my own.

That's when sweet little Hoot said something to me. I {{{mistakenly}}} released the kid to listen to him. {{{why}}} That's when he saw his opportunity to spring from the Power (i.e. me) and took off through the women's lingerie. Giggles and woo-hoos followed.

This is the point that the Professor tries to wriggle out of my grasp to join the newly sprung Hoot on his joyride. He began to fist pump and cheer on Hoot.

{This is the "Oh No He Di'nt! moment}

Professor X encouraged with great enthusiasm, "Ya, Go Hoot! Go, Hoot, go!!! Go, go, go!!!" This cheer continued for quiet a while because I was dumbfounded. I looked at my son and suddenly was torn. Not only was this bad behavior, but it was funny. Yes, sometimes disobedience has a comical air to it. But as a mother, you can't laugh at this cute little fist pumping scene. For two reasons, you'll let him know that this is okay and you enjoy it. And two, this behavior will not be cute when he is a fifteen year old.

So, I hold my composure. Finally, acquire a Hoot, check out, get to the truck and then give the bad news.

We will not being going to the bookstore.

Let the whining and compromising begin. {I was sobbing on the inside}

Not just whining and compromising but a little bit of manipulation dusted with bribing.

If you take us we'll be good...

We promise....

Those promises and compromises sounded so good. Yet, I had to keep my word. Say what you mean and mean what you say, right?

Some days you have to cut your losses for the greater good. I mean, so you'll have a well-rounded child who becomes an adult. One who doesn't manipulate or bribe to get his way.

On this day, I left Small Town to go to the Big City only to not enjoy one of the greatest treasures of Big City. (!!!!!)

I don't know. I just know that I was very sad to not go to the book store and sniff hundreds of books. But I also felt good about my parenting. They didn't wear me down. I followed through.

The boys are looking forward to their next chance to visit the bookstore and have already explained what their behavior will be. {big sigh of relief from Momma}.

Well done. Our next trip should include no fist pumping or cheering.

Guilty parties. Forgiven parties.

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Trish said...

Good job momma!

Jenny said...

Way to go Mom!

I left a cart full of groceries in the middle of the store, took Joel home & left him with his dad then went back - to shop all over again, without him. He was devastated. It was such a huge thing to shop with me.

When I decided he was old enough to go off alone in the store with out me (while I sneaked around & checked on him every two minutes) we had a rule he had to meet me at a certain place & time. If he was late, he had to stay with me the next time we shopped. How humiliating to HAVE to walk with your mom through the store when you've tasted freedom. I can tell you I was pretty miserable too, shopping with a sulky kid. LOL