Monday, March 14, 2011

The Three Amigos Host a Fiesta!

I found myself at Hobby Lobby on Friday picking up last minute decor items for a friend's baby shower that I was helping to host. Oh, Hobby Lobby. My old foe. She's my old foe because there must be a chemical that is emitted through the air system that enhances the ability of my children to misbehave. Yes, I'm certain that is it. Well, I gave the boys the talk and reminded them about their last experience before entering the battlefield. Things went well. We found the little items needed for the table. Then we went to find napkins and those kind what-nots. I was looking for cutesie stuff and noticed sweet giggles behind me. I turned around to see this:

Two ladies walked by and one said, "Oh, look at the fiesta!"

This, technically, didn't qualify as misbehavior.

But it is definitely in the "my children are nutty" category. Ole'!

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