Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Memories

Here it is again. Easter. Easter mornings are the best mornings of any year. I just love them.

Easter is my favorite holiday, did you know that?

Treasured memories from my childhood. That time seems so far away now. Not even a part of my reality anymore. So strange.

Easter will always bring up the memories of going to Grandpa W's house for dinner and ultimate egg hunt with my cousins. I realize now Grandpa W was the glue that held the family together. He's been gone now for half my lifetime. Crazy. Half my lifetime? With him went Easter gatherings. But how fond they remain in my heart.

Long ago are the days of trying to maintain a low profile so my cousins would not pick on the only girl in the group by smashing found eggs into my hair. Yes, they were such dears. And I definitely never attempted to go up against my cousins to find the most eggs. That would have meant death. They were stinkers. I still flinch when near them, expecting to be tormented. Good times.

Easter now holds a separate memory for me. You see, I found out that I was pregnant with Ladybug on Easter morning of last year. On Good Friday of 2010, I found myself exhausted and sleeping for 3 hours in the afternoon in a near comatose state of being. The exhaustion had gone from bothersome to dangerous. By Sunday, I decided to get to the bottom of the exhaustion and weed out the culprits.

Anemia and pregnancy were at the top of my list. The pregnancy question was easy to remedy. Imagine my excitement when the test revealed my baby growing inside! I cried and laughed all at once.

I'll never forget Brett's reaction. He was still snoozing when I came into the room with my test in hand. He opened his sleepy eyes and said, "Baby, you're pregnant!" He had a huge smile on his face. Yes, I was pregnant and thrilled.

I never thought boy or girl like I had with other pregnancies. My very first thought after seeing the results was a prayer of protection over my baby and for a healthy, full term pregnancy and baby. After our miscarriage two years before, I did a lot of soul-searching, grieving and yearning for my baby. Ladybug is my gift. A victory and promise from the Lord.

Oh, how I needed her without even knowing just how much I did. We found out about her on Easter and she was born nine days before Christmas. True, she is a gift of holiday proportions.

While I miss those long ago memories of my childhood, the memories today are a little sweeter. Okay, a lot sweeter.

On this Holy day, I lift my heart and say, Holy, holy are you God. Thank you for my Easter blessings. Thank you for my precious gift, for my precious family. I pray I always have a heart of gratitude and a yearning to always drink from Your cup. You are my King, my risen King! Hallelujah!

Hope you enjoy your Easter Sunday!
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