Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Girl: Bonnets and Fishing Poles

She's our baby. This means she'll likely wear tutus while carrying a fishing pole. That's just how it will be. A little girly, a little rough, a lot of amazing.

Ladybug enjoyed her first fishing expedition recently. As the Professor says, remember that fishing trip when Ladybug was so cute and we caught nothing?

Ladybug stayed on the bank with me. We enjoyed ourselves on a hot, humid Arkansas Sunday afternoon.

We tired of our seats and took refuge on the blankets.

Prepare to have your heart flip-flop and flutter. I take no responsibility for your state of being after you view the next pictures. You have been warned. Okay, wait, I'll make it really official.

Viewer warning: Amazing cuteness to follow. Viewer discretion is advised.

Okay, now we'll take a look at them:

I'm drowning in her dimple....

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Soaring High said...

Makes me smile that little dimple does. Abigail is a girly girl that also likes basketball and jumping in the mud. Bring on the pink tomboy!

Adelia said...

Seriously! It's a good thing! : )