Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Princess and the Pea

Alternate title could be: Our First Night in a Hotel with Ladybug

But I like the Princess and the Pea.

We made a quick trip down to LR a while back for my mom's laser surgery. My mom has had a port wine stain since birth and has been having laser surgery to have it removed. I usually go down with her the morning of and drive her back home that afternoon.

This time we decided to take everyone and stayed in a hotel. Yep, Ladybug's first hotel experience.

Oh, oh, oh. I nearly forgot about the roadtrip down. We had a good time. Stopped at the friendliest Cracker Barrel ever. And you know how some people stop at Cracker Barrel and let their dogs out to stretch and run and do their business? Well, that's what we do for our boys there too...

Anyway, as we are coming into LR, we notice a dummy driver driving like a dummy. You get me? So, I'm already on alert of this dummy when we see traffic in front of us a ways hitting their brakes and swerving from here to there. (I should also mention it was dark as in evening at this time) As my Brett, the driver, is approaching this area we see the issue. Someone had lost their kayak and we were headed straight for it with no option to swerve. This is where I'll sing praises for having a large vehicle. Our house-mobile of a Suburban straddled that thing without thinking about it. Okay, technically Suburban's can't think, but ours can. Ha. Whatev, that was a little too thrilling for me. Back to the hotel...

Ladybug was excited.

The boys travelled in their swim trunks anticipating using the pool upon arrival. Hoot in his usual loud style of clothing choice: Still excited.

I need a hot tub. This kid loved it. For those who know my sensitive man, this was a total reset for him.

The Big Men just chilling' or is it heating?

Ladybug decided to have a meltdown after her 4 hour road trip. We tried to console her and turned on some tunes to help. T-Bird went wild. And we survived Ladybug's fit.

A new day. A new opportunity to swim. T is the Jr Lifeguard teaching a brother to swim.

Nane and Ladybug getting their morning going.

That's my girl!
The Princess and the Pea

She just cracks me up. We tucked her into bed while we got ready. When I saw her in this seemingly huge bed in relation to her, I immediately thought princess.

Ladybug enjoyed her time, but she detests riding for hours. She saves her fusses for the evening not the ride, which is good--for what good is. And that's the reason we've not ventured out more.

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Janessa said...

Seriously. You should have your writings published.

Jenny said...

I LOVE Hoot's style. This is great ammunition for the day when clothes do matter to him. ;o)I love the innocence it represents.

I love your pic of the little princess too. How precious.

A family secret I'll share with you is my guys call me the Princess Pea because I'm very particular about my bed. It has to be arranged a certain way for me to get a good nights sleep. I tuck Charlie in every night (I go to bed a few hours later than he does) to make sure he doesn't have my pillows & to make sure all the blinds are closed right, the blankets arranged the way I like them - I know it's very bad.

Charlie teases me unmercifully about it saying he'll sneak a pea under the mattress to see if I notice it. I say I'm not asking him to arrange things for me. We each have silly things we do that comfort us & I cannot hear the princess & the pea without thinking of mine!

Adelia said...

You are so kind to me, Janessa. : )

Ms Jenny, I love knowing that bit of info. I'll now think of you as well! : )