Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Good Report

I am a little ashamed at how long it has been since I've given a Good Report--my accounting of the beautiful ordinaries that I find extraordinary. Let's get to it!

1. The clouds' shadows on the mountains.

2. Baby girl's first steps.

3. Hoot's unruly determination which will hopefully serve him well one day.
{He has been jumping off our porch railing which is at least 7 ft tall. I didn't believe it when T told me about it. Hoot: Yes, I can jump off! Watch. I won't get dead. Then he jumps off the porch, crosses his arms like he's big stuff and says, See, told ya I wouldn't get dead. Then he starts around the porch again and says, I've been wanting to flip... It took me 30 minutes and a little of Brett's persuasion to get that thought out of his head.}

4. Friendships that stand the distance and absence of face to face conversations. Phone calls, letters and emails. Thankful for the friends who won't let the mountains swallow me up.

5. Quiddler and Pictureka. Two card games that seem to reset any mood the boys may have.

6. Music boxes.

7. Professor X's quick wit.

8. T-Birds ever changing collection of critters.

9. The tapestry of fall's colors.

10. Hot cocoa.

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