Thursday, December 1, 2011

5 Things

5 Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I like my hair long but cannot stand for it to touch my neck or face. It spends most of it time up in a pony tail or twist. Each of my classes in high school began with me putting my hair up with a pencil. Apparently, my hair being down interfered with the brainwaves functioning properly.

2. I would like to sing (well) in front of a group of people one day.

3. I hate to be scared. It's no fun at all. I don't do scary movies or haunted houses. That's a guarantee for me to throw up from the sheer anxiety of what I think will happen.

4. I often break into dance much to the horror of my children.

5. I would like to learn to play the violin/fiddle depending on the audience as to which I play.

5 Things I'm Knowledgeable About:

1. I'm an expert in procrastination. Trying to become more of a slacker instead of expert. Tough to overcome especially when I keep putting it off until tomorrow.

2. I know a thing or two about good music. Good music makes the world go 'round.

3. I know how to laugh at myself.

4. I consider myself gifted in the art of being a momma to boys. To me boys are more than noise or dirty little creatures getting into trouble. Boys are awesome!

5. Directions. I have the best sense of direction in the world! Even Brett is impressed with my mad skills. Take me with you and you'll never be lost again!

5 Things I Know Nothing About:

1. Advanced math, chemistry, physics. My brain will not go there. It did well enough in school to get a B but that doesn't mean that my brain got it or ever will. Brett will sometimes drift off into complicated physics talk and I feel by body stopping all function and only comes back after all that physics talk has ceased.

2. Baking bread. Oh, how I want to attempt it, but I just can't bring myself to use something besides the bread machine. I am afraid to mess up. Baking bread is like advanced math to me. I just don't get it and am afraid to. I've made a goal to tackle this fear and lack of knowledge this winter. Pray for me.

3. Being quiet. I'm loud. Not nearly as loud as I once was but I am still prone to the occasional public outburst of excitement, the laugh that is a little too loud when surrounded by my girlfriends, the hearty grunt as I lift Lady Bug and myself into the truck (which is currently missing its side running boards). As I'm climbing into the truck with the girl to nurse her after we leave Hobby Lobby, I give a groan. Brett laughs and says, "Good to know you do that in public too." Huh? "You are loud." Ya, so. I'm pregnant, getting in with your eleven month old and this stinking Suburban isn't low to the ground. Ya, everyone needs to know my situation.

4. How to enjoy clothing shopping for myself. I hate trying on clothes. Lifelong problem. Never have, never will.

5. Giving up. I'm a perpetual believer in second chances, tomorrow, and dreams coming true.

5 Things I Believe:

1. I believe in bare feet. Life is better without the restraint of shoes.

2. Being kind. #1 rule in our house. If you're mean to me, I'll kill you with kindness. You know the hateful cashier at the store. Oh ya, killed her bad attitude with kindness. Sometimes, they return the good attitude, sometimes not. But I always walk away feeling victorious. Wanna change the world? Be kind to someone when you don't feel like it.

3. The closest to heaven you will ever be on this earth is when you are around a new baby.

4. A good walk always gives way to a new perspective.

5. Opposites make the best couples. Perfect example, Brett and myself.

{This was part of a writing workshop from Mama Kat}
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Arnebya said...

Giggling b/c my kids run for cover when I bust out in dance. Last weekend in the grocery store, Prince's Delirious = singing AND dancing.

I played violin throughout elementary school.

I agree wholeheartedly with the wonder of heaven being as close as an infant.

Also, the maths!

Rachael said...

I love your first belief - I love bare feet, and if I can't have that, I love sandals. I look forward to the day every spring where I can put the socks away for the spring & summer.

I also do not understand math etc. Luckily, my Mom got remarried a couple of years ago - to a guy who teaches physics and calculus! Thank goodness there's now someone to help the kids w/homework when they get bigger!

Adelia said...

It's so nice to find commonalities with other people!! Thanks for stopping by! :)