Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mountaineering: A Pictorial Review

It seems as though I don't post any pictures any longer.  I've just been lazy.  This is a pictorial review of what are life looks like since we moved to the mountains in September.  These pictures truly illustrate the "why" behind our move.  Our boys' lives are full of ingenuity and newness everyday.  Boys need sticks and rocks and trees.
 T-Bird has become a master at catching critters.  It took him a few days to be able to catch lizards at will, but he has it down pat now.

 Professor X is illustrating how low the Air Force jet was when it flew over.  The Air Force uses these mountains and valleys for training.  One minute peaceful and the next there is a jet or plane so close overhead it seems you could touch it.  My boys love it.

 The kids come into my room every morning and we open the window to watch the sun rise.  I treasure these morning moments with them.
 Hoot giving an Air Force account.

Lots of hiking.

 Lady Bug's favorite

 Mountain Baby.
It happens.

Lots of teepee making.

Hoot found a "skateboard".

It snew!  {past tense for snow.  use it.  enjoy it.  snew!}
 Despite seeing elk nearly always, we are still easily impressed by them.

 Snow baby with a fresh cut from jumping off the counter and landing into the table.  Gag.  That's a story for another time.

Building their first fire at our Red House for s'mores and hot dogs.  The snow had already melted on this side of the mountain.
Blurry picture, but they were making torches.
This is why I get little blogging done.  Lady Bug sits on my desk and types away with me.  I call her my little bird.
Shoveling snow ONTO the walk.  Seriousl, kid?
Our snow lasted for over a week!  Fun start to December!

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