Monday, March 12, 2012

Kiddo Watching

Do you ever just stop and truly see what is going on in your world?  One of my favorite things to do is just to video my kids being themselves.  The camera is just on.  There is no "hey do that again, I want to video it."  It's just them being them.  Capturing their little quirks and habits.  Very enlightening and entertaining.

T-Bird and I just enjoyed one of those moments.  We were finishing lunch and our lunch time story.  Hoot ran into the bathroom.  The Professor and Lady Bug were in the living room.  I realized that Hoot was knocking from inside the bathroom.  I said, "Yes?"  He opened the door and he was sitting on the towel rack like a little bird just smiling.  What was he doing in there?  Then T and I looked at the Professor and Lady Bug.  Professor X was laying over the side of the couch arm with a slinky singing in his big voice a slinky song he made up himself.  Lady Bug stripped out of her clothes and noticed she drooled on herself.  She made a wrinkled up nose, poochy lip face and rubbed the drool into her chest.  T-Bird was laughing his I'm loosing it laugh while hitting my arm.  "What is going on with these kids, Momma?" He didn't realize that I had also been watching him and seeing the joy that just radiates from him.

What's going on with these kids?  Awesomeness.  They are just wonderful.  I'm thankful to see them be them and realize they are unscripted weirdos.  I love it.

Look at your babies today and notice their quirky awesomeness.

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