Monday, April 30, 2012

Belly Views

Brett has been teasing me lately that my body is no longer my own.  He describes me as being a belly, like my belly leads me wherever.  If he is sitting on the couch and I'm walking toward him, he laughs and says he feels like a torpedo is coming at him.  Yes, my belly is here.  Just for a little while longer, but it is definitely here.

I realize most of the views are really being seen from my belly.  Here are the views it took in on our baby appointment day:

On the way to our midwife's house we took the boys to the Buffalo.

T just had to jump off the bridge.
He couldn't stand it.
I finally said yes.
It's one of his favorite things to do.
He's looking forward to jumping off of bluffs this summer.
I'm not sure I am...

At our midwife's house, the kids usually chase her chickens (which we have to stop) as well as pet and feed her horse and goats.  This time they chased and caught a lizard.

Okay, okay.  So this is what I've been wanting to capture.  I love how my whole family comes into the room to hear the baby and find out our measurements.  I have been forgetting my camera for weeks.  I was hoping to catch it before the baby gets here.  Here are the best belly views!

I love the serious looks as my midwife talks baby technicalities.

 Oh my goodness, what a beautiful view.  Party of 7 coming soon!!!!!
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Karyn said...

LOVE the last picture! :-)

John said...

This is a very beautiful and interesting post the children's are so much amazing and fearless :)

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