Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lazy Days

The lazy days are here.  We finished school a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of the baby.  The weather has been just lovely.  As we are on baby watch, we have to stay close to home out of concern that I could go into labor in a cell phone dead area.  Much of our days are spent outside under the shade tree or on the porch.  It's a simple kind of wonderful.

Hoot plays with his Lincoln Logs and Army Men.  He's making battle sounds and T laughs behind him.
Lady Bug relaxes on her ball.

This Little Guy crawled up my leg.

She does have hair!  If you are wanting to replicate her style, you'll have to use a special product...Water...Out of the dog bowl...Her head smelled terrible.

I love the shadow of her strange little toes.

The Professor and one of his super powers.

I walked onto the porch and found this.  She was half asleep half awake holding a nerf gun.  She has no chance of being super girly.

Across the way, he was half asleep half awake as well.  With a clothes pin attached to his lower lip.

Never mind, she's not going to sleep.

Oh my gracious, I love this kid.
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