Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Keeping Cool

I know it's a little redundant to say it's hot, but, It's HOT! ...and ...dry.

Our creeks are all dried up and we had a little (read, almost 3 weeks with no water) water issue so, no pool. What do you do when it's so hot?  Well, you play in the shade in the early morning for one.

Meet Oil and Water.  These two are so funny.  Lady Bug mostly yells at her brother Hoot.  He infuriates her.  She will be in the car seat asleep, he is sitting behind her.  She will wake up yelling his name, even though he is doing absolutely nothing to her.

Okay, this one made me laugh.  I moved her toothbrush because it was just sitting on the counter.  {Hello, GERMS!}  She came into the bathroom with me.  I noticed her spin her head this way and that.  She then put her hands up and asked, "Where brush?"  I told her a simple, "No."  I just didn't feel like dealing with the 30 plus minute brush-a-thon she is capable of.  The girl looked out of the corner of her eyes and in that I knew it my old nemesis sort of voice said, "Hooooot."  {Of course she said his real name, but you get it.}  Sweet boy, I feel for him.

When not yelling and bossing him, she follows and mimics everything he does.

Why wouldn't you wear winter pj's under a Luigi costume in 100 degrees of heat??!

She found her cool spot.  It's the same place our dog lays.  The dirt is dug out a little here.  Okay, I love her.  Bossy or not.

Then you have this kid who just hangs out and talks to me about important 10 yr old stuff.  Like how it would be easy to be a real life Batman or Tony Stark--Iron Man.  You just need money, science and gadgetry.  He's working out the details on a real life Captain America, and according to T, it starts with an organic diet.  A real life Captain America would have to be super healthy.

Back to Oil.  She seems to have the same relationship with her baby sister, who we will call Jelly Bean, as she does with Hoot.  That girl loves her sister.  Loves her so much, it is a little overwhelming to Jelly Bean.
But what's a 12 wk old to do but grin or whimper and endure the love.

Still playing in the shade.  Hillbilly pool.  If I still lived on the flat land terrain, I would say Red Neck.  For today's purposes, we'll say Hillbilly.  Hillbilly pool.  Hillbilly fun.
 Soooo, my new baby was supposed to be born in this tub loaned to me from a friend.  One baby has been born in it, dozens of kids have played in and out of it, slime for VBS has been mixed in it, we attempted to birth a baby in it {another story, another time}, it has been filled with water during our no water stint, and now my kids are using it as a pool to cool off during this horrendous summer until we return it to its rightful owners.  It is a good tub with a good story.

You can tell the rowdy bunch from the solo not so rowdy.

For now, we will just try to keep cool in our neck of the woods, er, mountain.  Dry and hot as it is, it is still beautiful.
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