Friday, December 21, 2012

Oil and Water Throw a Bubble Party

It's a love not so love relationship I have with Arkansas weather.  This has been a warm December, and while some are upset by the lack of bone chilling temperatures, I have been thankful for a play outside and enjoy our world mild temperature sort of month.

I heard a giggle party outside of the front door.  When I took a peak, this is what I saw.

Oil and Water were getting along, er..I mean, Lady Bug and Hoot.

World's Best Dimple!

Bubble Dust

You should have heard the volume of sound that went with these faces.



I see you, too.

I always say it, I'm so in love with these kids. 

As I look at these pictures, I think of how magical that little moment was.  It must have been cosmic magical to them.  Childhood makes bubbles bubblier, colors brighter, whisperings whisperier,  giggles louder, days last hours longer than an adult's. 

If you become like the 5 people you associate most with.......I am in good company.  It's like a second glimpse of childhood.  I'm the mother of 5 enjoying my children's journey.  Good days.  Blessed days.
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