Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Legos. Eat. Sleep. Do It Again.

Oh my word.  How behind can one woman be? 
I suppose the answer is...very.  Quite.  A lot.  Behind. 
Here's to catching up. 
We had the opportunity to take the boys to a free little Lego getaway.  (in September!  September 2012!!)  (behind)  (so behind)  Branson is just up the road. 
We hit the little vacation hole on the last day of its run.  Let's here it for homeschooling and being the only people in the building!  Woo-hoo!

I love love love love love this picture.  The way The Professor rests his head against the glass.  Looking at a whole Lego world, envisioning himself in there.  I love it.


 Even sister gets in on Lego action!
 Did you know I am so very in love with her.


 Creations front and center.
The kids had a blast.  I probably didn't need to say that...but...they did. 
Life mantra:  Legos.  Eat.  Sleep.  Do it again.
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