Friday, February 15, 2013

Homeschool Files: Robinhood the Awesome (a writing exercise)

Nails on the chalkboard.  Did you hear them?

I usually cringe when it comes to having T-Bird write.  You never know where it will lead us.  That kid very much so, like, a lot dislikes writing. 

Brett took over the writing portion of our day today.  {Cheers to me!}

I heard T ask his daddy if he could write a rap instead of sentences.  See, already trying to not write.

Brett allowed it for today.  Hey, it's Friday, why not!?

This is what he ended up with.
Complete with picture:

Ch-ch-change the the cage. 
Ya man.  The the page got strange and kuz it got huge.
Rage on the stage.
Trace my face so you can see my age.

by Robinhood the Awesome

Yes, folks.  I don't know what we'll do with our little rapper on the brink of greatness.  Wait, I mean, lil rapper. 

Let's not leave out the Professor's writing:

Bob got a spanking.
Bob was feeling smug.
Bob spit.
Bob itched his scalp.
Bob could smell the smog.
Bob can spell spin.
Bob smacked his mom.

I think the last sentence may be why Bob got a spanking in the first sentence.  He told me he had to keep using Bob as a name because it was part of one story.

What about Hoot?

He pulled this out of his hat:

Pup tossed an egg.

And then Hoot left the room.  As if that sentence was grandiose enough to get him out of anymore sentences. 

I'm going to call this a success.

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