Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Thoughts on Mother's Day

Eleven years ago, a tiny blue bundle made me a first time mother.  Little did I know what an impact that would have on my life and that I would go on to give birth four more times.  Fives times a mother. 

Five.  I assure you, people feel free to tell me I have my hands full every time we clog up a grocery store aisle. 

Then I also have older ladies stop me and say, "Oh, that brings back memories.  I had seven.  Good for you and bless you."

When the "boy you have your hands full" people heckle me, I want to say, "No, my hands are not full.  I have one baby waiting for me that I never had the chance to meet.  I had a surprise pregnancy and a too soon, not fair, why did this happen miscarriage.  No, my hands are a little empty.  I should be even more tired, more frazzled, more stretched.  No, I should be driving a church bus to fit my family into."

And that is where my thoughts are this Mother's Day.  I'm so blessed to be a mother five times over.  But my heart weeps for the moms who have not yet been.  For the wombs not filled, for the adoptions not fulfilled, for the babies who didn't stick around for us to know.  For the women who have their hearts cry to be filled and to be a mother.

I pray for you.  If you only knew just how much I would love to give you a piece of my fertility, infertiles. 

And so as this weekend opens wounds and infertile women avoid the profuse Mother's Day posts on Facebook, I would like to say that you are loved and you are thought of on my mountain top. 

I hope you can find a peace this weekend.  That you can be loved as you.  That you can love as you, who you are right now. 

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Lavidafranco said...

Oh, Adelia,
You are loved!
You are thought of!
You are prayed for!
Bless you with all extra God has to bless you with!